Oskar "Helps" Decorate the Christmas Tree

Oskar "Helps" Decorate the Christmas Tree


Bring Oskar Home for the Holidays!

The antics never stop with the Oskar & Klaus calendar and books!

 Image shows the 2017 Oskar & Klaus calendar. There's also an image of the inside of the calendar with the photo from December — Klaus sitting proudly beside a Christmas tree surrounded by presents.


Presidential Cat Trivia: Ernie Bush!

What was unusual about Ernie, the First Cat in the George W. Bush White House?

He had SIX TOES! And he knew how to use them! (Image shows President George W. Bush struggling to hold Ernie - who is crawling on his shoulders.)


Did you know Oskar's book has been chosen to be sent to space in 2017?!

You can help make this mission possible and get a super fun shirt at the same time!



Presidential Cat Trivia: Misty Malarky Ying Yang

Which First Daughter had a cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang?

Amy Carter, daughter of President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. Despite Misty's seemingly female moniker — he was, in fact, a male!


Image shows Oskar and the Oskar Into Orbit T-shirt with raised braille and graphics. A small girl with her cane is cheering with her Oskar & Klaus: The Mission to Cataria book. A quote from Mary Ellen Gabias reads: "Having this book available, and having it read from space, makes the message clear once again. Science can be a career for blind people!"

Did you know Oskar's book has been chosen to be sent to space in 2017?!

You can help make this mission possible and get a super fun shirt at the same time!


Is a blind horse useless?

"He didn't just quit because he went blind."

Many would say that a blind horse is useless. This man and Oskar would tell a different story.

Oskar knows that blindness doesn't define anyone's future.

That's why he's taking his story into space ... LITERALLY!


Image of Oskar Into Orbit T-shirt and style and color options.

Blind beagle was abandoned!

He was abandoned because he was blind. But, check out what this beagle is capable of doing. 

Did you know that you can help launch a blind cat into space?


Oskar's Book Series Wins Recognition from the National Federation of the Blind

Blind Internet Cat Wins National Federation of the Blind’s Prestigious Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award

SEATTLE, WA—The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) announces Oskar & Klaus Publishing, an independent publisher based in Seattle, WA and Lincoln, NE, as the winner of the 2016 Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award. These awards recognize individuals and organizations working in the field of blindness that have demonstrated exemplary leadership and extraordinary accomplishments toward achieving the full integration of the blind into society on a basis of equality. Oskar & Klaus Publishing has published two books based on the fantastic adventures of Oskar, a blind cat, and his sighted cat pal Klaus. The book series demonstrate a spirit of tenacity and exploration that the authors hope to cultivate in both blind and sighted readers alike. Accepting the award, Mick Szydlowski stated, “The Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award only strengthened our commitment to creating a book series that aligns with the goals of the federation by challenging readers to live lives full of limitless adventure, free from the burdens of society's prejudices, misunderstandings, and low expectations.”

Oskar the Blind Cat burst onto the scene in 2011 as an overnight YouTube sensation. Soon, Oskar’s videos garnered over 15 million views while the thrill-seeking blind kitten amassed hundreds of thousands of social media followers. Interest in Oskar’s story led to media appearances, including Time Magazine, Fox & Friends, The Ellen Degeneres Show and many, many more. Most importantly, millions of people around the world have learned that blindness  does not prevent someone from living a happy, fulfilling and exciting life.

Today, the book series is available in both print and print/braille formats at

Oskar & Klaus Publishing founders, Mick Szydlowski and Travis Bossard, accepted the Dr. Jacob Bolotin award in the amount of $10,000 at the NFB National Convention in Orlando Florida on July 5th, 2016. Past winners include Apple Inc. and inventor Ray Kurzweil.

For more information about the Dr. Jacob Bolotin Awards Program, visit:

About the Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award Program

Named for a pioneering blind physician who practiced in the early twentieth century, the Dr. Jacob Bolotin awards are made possible through the generosity of his late nephew and niece. Their bequest, the Alfred and Rosalind Perlman Trust, allows the National Federation of the Blind to provide direct financial support to people and organizations that are improving the lives of the blind throughout the United States.

Share the award-winning adventures with somebody in your life!

Also, consider donating a print or braille copy to your local library system. Access to stories that demonstrate the capabilities of confident blind characters is extremely important for both blind and sighted children.

CLICK HERE to check out the Oskar & Klaus books in both PRINT and PRINT/BRAILLE formats! Plus, get your books PAWtographed by Oskar & Klaus! 

Both Oskar & Klaus adventures are now available in Print/Braille format!

Get your book PAWtographed by Oskar & Klaus!

Kitten Sees Himself in the Mirror

Let's take a clue from this smart kitten. Stop fighting with your reflection and accept who you see in the mirror.


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It's Take Your Cat on an Adventure Day!

Every cat is uniquely made and uniquely equipped for adventure. June 15th is National Take Your Cat on an Adventure Day! It's a great day to find some way to stimulate your cat's senses in a unique and adventurous way.

Here are a few ways that Oskar & Klaus go on adventures!

A stroll down the looooong hallway:


An outdoor adventure:


Or there's always Oskar's fly hunting adventures:


Or sometimes Oskar drags Klaus along for an occasional trip to outer space:

Image of Oskar & Klaus reading their new book. Oskar & Klaus: The Mission to Cataria.


If it's too hot to go outside, maybe some All Natural Silver Vine + Catnip can stimulate an indoor adventure for your cat! TRY IT OUT!>>



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It's a Girl!

Oskar & Klaus are pleased to announce the arrival of their new baby sister, Fern! She was born yesterday morning, and weighs 7.5 pounds (exactly what Faye weighed when she was born). Baby is healthy, mom is healthy (actually came home the same day), and the house is full of excitement!

Celebrate with us with a Yeowww! Catnip Cigar!

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Raccoon Introduces Himself to Cat

This raccoon's attempts to befriend this cat seem to be met with some uncertainty.

(Video Description for the visually impaired: A cat sits on the edge of a bed looking at a raccoon who is reaching up from the floor for the cat's head. The cat seems a little concerned about this new friend. The raccoon continues to touch the cat's head with his hands and a person lifts the cat away a little to prevent the raccoon from scratching the cat too hard.) 

Oskar & Klaus LOVE to meet new friends of ALL KINDS! You won't believe who all they meet in their AMAZING BOOK ADVENTURES!

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