Ingenius Cat Game

We've seen a lot of CAT TOYS around here. But, this one will keep a cat busy for a long time. We think it may require some of that teamwork that Oskar & Klaus are known for. 

(Video description for visually impaired: A determined cat approaches a new toy. It's a small wooden box about 2 feet wide and 1 foot deep and 1 foot tall. There are five (3 inch diameter) holes in the top of the box and five levers coming out of the side of the box. The cat pushes on one of the levers that causes a rubber head of some kind to pop up from one of the holes. The cat will occassionaly pause with the lever depressed while staring intently at the rubber head for a few seconds - then the cat lunges at the little head but it's too late! The head falls back into the hole once the lever is released. Finally, a dog comes a long and starts to gnaw on the head while the cat depresses the lever. Teamwork!)

Check out all the fun – Oskar & Klaus approved – toys available now RIGHT HERE>>

Image reads "Cat Toys" and features the Da Bird cat wand with feathers, catnip-stuffed mod kickers and Oskar & Klaus bottle caps.


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  • Dawn Whitlow - May 18, 2016

    That is ingenious and so fun to watch! My dynamic duo just might like one of those for their birthdays!

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