Oskar's BIG DAY in the BIG APPLE!

In case you missed it, Oskar had a BIG WEEK teaming up with his pal, Grumpy Cat, to promote their new music video and single, "Cat Summer"! The project's sponsor, Friskies, will be donating one meal to shelter cats in need for EACH view the video gets on YouTube. They're willing to donate up to ONE MILLION meals! Plus, the video features your favorite feline adventure duo, Oskar & Klaus! So, check out the awesome video and share it with your friends to help feed shelter cats across the country!

Media coverage of Oskar and Grumpy's big day in New York City:

The "Cat Summer" Music Video!

On Fox & Friends! 

On GMA Live! 

New York Daily News! 

Huffington Post! 

The Rockstar Cats had to show up at Rolling Stone! 

They even made The Daily Show's "Moment of Zen"! 

And many, many more!

Oskar did great on the trip and is happy to be back at home with Klaus. They're hard at work putting the final touches on the book! More updates on the project to come.

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