Why can't anybody agree on this picture?

Do you see a Purple/White dress or simply a crazed house cat on too much catnip?


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  • Richard - February 28, 2015

    Cross dressing nip addicted kitty…I will fight to preserve his rights! lol Still, he looks kinda dazed and confuzzled

  • Ben - February 28, 2015

    Like Eddie Izzard, Klaus is an ‘action transvestite’! ‘Running, jumping, climbing trees!’

  • Debbie Pratt - February 27, 2015

    Oh Klaus, I’m so sorry but those colors do NOT go well with your fur! And, excuse me, but you’re a boy. When did boys start wearing dresses?? You must be hitting the ’nip a bit too much, my furman! Purrs to you and take off that dress!

  • Linda - February 27, 2015

    Klaus is upset at the choice of colors in the dress – it does nothing for his complexion

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