Thumbelina - The Very Special 4 Wheel Drive Kitty!

Tumbelina was rescued by Valley Cats, Inc. and she was given a chance to get around on her own! Special needs cats, like Thumbelina, can bring so much joy to a home that will give them the needed love and support. Thumbelina is such an inspiration! We are honored to advocate for the joys of special needs pet adoption by sharing stories like this. 

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  • Yvette - May 30, 2015


    We first want to thank everyone who wanted to give this little kitten a home, and there were many of you out there. It should give all rescuers a great feeling to know that such warm-hearted people are out there, ready to give a home to a special-needs animal.

    Tumbalina now has a home with another special needs cerebellar hypoplasia cat who is also blind. She has a family ready to give her lots of time, patience, and any therapy she needs. We here at Valley Cats/Petopia will miss her very much, but we realize that she will also get the love and care she deserves 24/7. Tumbles proved to be a survivor and we know she will do well in the future.

    Tumbles had a wonderful, dedicated foster mom and dad since her rescue from the shelter, and there are not enough words to thank them for their time, love and efforts to keep Tumbles clean and well-fed.

  • Wilma Mulder - April 24, 2015

    I’m fostering a kitty with Spina Bifida that would love to have a furrever home.

  • Desiree markarian - April 19, 2015

    I saw the video and just cried. I absolutely love this little kitty’s drive and that fact that she’s completely herself despite her condition. I am more than interested in giving this kitty a wonderful home

  • drew - March 04, 2015

    Margaret, the cat’s condition is called Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

  • Margaret - March 04, 2015

    What was Thumbelina’s condition? I couldn’t get the full information from the video either because I’m deaf or that they did not fill in. Where is she located? I am interested. Thanks!

  • Taylor Jenkinson - March 02, 2015

    She’s such a cutie! I wish I could take her in.. I’m majoring in Veterinary technology and would love to help her out, but I already have 5 kitties of my own. Good luck on finding her a loving home <3

  • M.C. - March 02, 2015

    If I didn’t already have 8 rescue cats I’d take her home! She is so beautiful and deserves so much love!

  • D. M. Cervelli - March 02, 2015

    What a great story. Thumbelina is a beautiful baby. I hope she finds a wonderful furever home. Please keep your readers updated. :-)

  • kc corcoran - March 02, 2015

    What a lovely story. Choose someone that will give her every drop of love she deserves. She’s not handicapped. She’s specially abled. Rock n roll on Thumbelina! Meow =^;^=

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