Oskar's begging is relentless!

Oskar's begging can be a bit relentless when he's determined to get some yummy Bonito Flakes!


Special needs pets are so often overlooked. We hope this story - and other stories found on the Oskar & Klaus blog - shows you how manageable and impacting special needs pet adoption can be. 

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  • Cindy - March 03, 2015

    Give him what he wants. :) you guys are GREAT parents

  • Janey Breitzman - March 03, 2015

    only treats i trust anymore are the catmandoo Lifes Esstials chicken breast freeze dried.made in usa or canada and its real chicken and nothing else.i try and tell everone to go to oskars website and give them a try.we have 4 mousers who adore them!

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