House Cat Meets Bobcat!

This cat enjoys a pretty exciting zoo right outside his living room window!

All he needs is an Original Kitty Cot to complete the experience.

Oskar & Klaus are Cats on a Mission!

Oskar, blind since birth, seeks out new adventures at every turn, while Klaus prefers to play it safe by lounging around the house. In their first illustrated tale, Oskar leads a reluctant Klaus on an unforgettable quest: The Search for Bigfoot! Along the brave journey deep into the nighttime forest they meet new friends and discover far more than they ever imagined. Now, YOU can take the Oskar & Klaus adventures home! AVAILABLE NOW>>


Whether blind or not, ALL CATS need exercise!

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Oskar & Klaus are happy to donate a portion of proceeds from the web shop to animal welfare organizations.

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  • marilyn jones - March 30, 2015

    P.S. When I say the bobcats wiped out “our wandering population”, I meant the kitties in the neighborhood who were allowed outside. Our 12 are strictly indoor-only kitties and I didn’t want to leave the impression that we let our own kitties wander.

  • marilyn jones - March 30, 2015

    We had a large bobcat just beyond our fence line yesterday morning. He’d caught a squirrel. The bobcats are gorgeous but they’re also deadly predators for kitties. They wiped out our wandering population a few years back. Evidently domestic cats don’t recognize them as predators, so if you have any bobcats in your area, please keep your kitties inside (and for other reasons as well)!

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