Oskar & Klaus Interview: Meet Cat Rapper MSHO

There’s a new SUPERSTAR in the online cat world!

Meet cat rapper, MSHO!

Oskar & Klaus had the pleasure of doing an interview with MSHO and his cat family - three beautiful sphynx cats: 6-month-old sisters Sushi and Megamam and their mom Tali (4 years old). 

Via Instagram: @iammoshow

“My passion for cats is CRAZY! I love all animals but cats just make my day and make me SMILE! The one that you see me rap with all the time is SUSHI! We're extremely close. We have a super connection." MSHO adds, "MEGAMAM and SUSHI are real sisters and TALI is their real BIRTH MOM! So, I have one big FAMILY!!! I'm close with them all. We watch Netflix together every night!"

Via Instagram: @iammoshow

A rising star on Instagram and Facebook, MSHO's love for his cats and all animals serves as his inspiration for creating music and videos that might inspire others. After growing up in a very rough neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, with hard work and dedication, MSHO was able to put himself through college.

"My goal with music is to make people happy. Smile. Love your animals and believe that it's not where you come from but its where you're going. If i can make it, so can you. I want everybody to believe in themselves because I know what it's like to be looked down upon. So, if I can make people happy and just change one persons life, my job is done!"

You can hear more music from MSHO here: https://soundcloud.com/mshoteam

Check out MSHO's latest music video!

You'll be in for a real treat when you follow MSHO on Instagram: @iammoshow as well as on Facebook: 

He's even rapping about Oskar & Klaus!

There's a new SUPERSTAR in the online cat world. Meet MSHO the Cat Rapper. Today, he's rapping about Oskar & Klaus! You're certainly in for a treat when you follow the inspiring message of this talented cat lover and his 3 beautiful sphynx cats!https://www.facebook.com/MSHOTEAMCheck out Oskar & Klaus' interview with MSHO the Cat Rapper and family now: http://bit.ly/1Iwthu5

Posted by Oskar the Blind Cat (Official) on Thursday, April 9, 2015

And he loves Cat Ladies!

True!! ❤️❤️ Cat Ladies rule the World!



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  • Ben - April 09, 2015

    This guy is pretty good!

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