Up or Down?

The Internet is abuzz with debate on which direction this cat is going. Photo via Facebook/9gag

The image has sparked a substantial debate with thousands chiming in with their guesses.

Daniel Nepomuceno posted on Facebook: "Down. You can tell by the edges of the steps.”

On 9gag.com, capowar wrote, "I would say this cat is going up as it looks a bit up and forward. When cats go down, they look where they're stepping, i.e. down.”


Klaus says, "Up. Definitely, up! But, more importantly, can somebody give these folks a new camera so we can see this lovely creature more clearly? It looks like this picture was taken with a 19th century daguerrotype and then photocopied 100 times with a 1980s Xerox Machine!" 


Oskar isn't very concerned whether this cat is going up or down as long as the furry friend is ready to join the Oskar & Klaus ADVENTURE SOCIETY!


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  • Glenn - April 11, 2015

    Oh, and ‘Go Oskar!’

  • Glenn - April 11, 2015

    Instead of asking whether the cat is going up or down, ask if the photographer is shooting up the staircase or down the staircase. Judging by the angles of the walls in the back ground, in relationship to the angels of the stairs, I conclude the cat is coming up the stairs simply because the photographer is shooting down.

  • Kath Connell - April 11, 2015

    Think he is goin down coz beinh blind his paw is out in front of him so he can guide himself were he is going i also have a blind cat x

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