99 Lives: Cat Genome Sequencing Initiative

Oskar & Klaus are teaming up with famous furriends and The Feline Genetics Laboratory of Leslie Lyons, PhD, at the University of Missouri for the 99 Lives Cat Initiative. Their goal is to end genetic diseases in cats. This project proposes to sequence 99 cats to support health care for the normal household cat and our fancy cat breeds too. Many cats suffer from obesity, diabetes, asthma, urinary tract infections, cancers, heart disease and infectious diseases, just like humans. Deciphering the genetic causes for these conditions requires a database that describes all the NORMAL DNA variation in cats as well as the bad mutations!  Help us find the good and bad genetics of one of our favorite feline companions! 

The 99 Lives Initiative is already half way to reaching their goal of sequencing 99 cats! Click here to see the successfully sequenced feline friends and click here to read the science behind 99Lives! Remember, wild and exotic cats are welcome in this project too! In fact, the Pallas Cat and Black-Footed cat have already been sequenced for this project!

Here are two easy ways that you can improve feline healthcare by supporting 99 Lives:

Oskar & Klaus are proud to DONATE $5 to the 99 Lives Initiative for every Oskar & Klaus book sold through the end of May! BUY A BOOK TODAY!

    Donate to 99 Lives for fun incentives!



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