Rescue Kitten With Manx Syndrome Needs Home

Bebe was born without a tail. He was rescued from likely euthanasia by Cats at the Studios. They soon discovered that a spinal defect called Manx Syndrome was the cause of his missing tail. Bebe will need special care in life, but it is clear that he will never be defined by his condition. Bebe is as playful and fun as any kitty could be!

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  • Cindy Blackburn - August 04, 2016

    I purchased a very expensive little manx kitty she has what they call x legs. She to had this problem ,manx syndrome. We have spent are time at are vet as well. Her little bottom would blow out every time I turned around. She soon grew out of that. ITTY-BITTY was a little 6 pounder. Lol .She had a stroke a yr ago. We have been receiving from that. At 3 yrs now. She only trusts my dad now. But we love her, an wouldn’t trade her for anything. So Itty-bitty 3 is a war therapy cat for my farther. She is all a kitty can be. If you ask me!

  • Jennifer Combest - August 28, 2015

    I HAVE A MANX KITTY WITH SPINAL BIFIDA. She is so sweet and she gets around great. I have been expressing her feces, but her bottom is distended. I am in over my head. If anyone is familiar with this and would adopt her, I would ship scooter anywhere. Putting her down wpuld break my heart. Please email me.

  • Joanne Osuna - May 01, 2015

    I have applied to adopt Bebe, and Catsatthestudios is attempting to arrange transportation to me here in Arizona. I am excited beyond words!!

  • Randi brock - April 26, 2015

    I have a manx syndrome baby. He’s over a year now. No bowel or bladder control. Had to express his first year then we did a PU surgery and he can per on his own. Thump wears diapers and and has to have his rear elbows wrapped at all times to prevent owies… But he like Bebe doesn’t care or notice and completely destroys my house playing and bein a wild man. I would be happy to foster ( possibly adopt) mr Bebe but I am on oregon and I don’t know if that’s possible. I have more than experience with this condition and have been able to take a dying kitten I found in the wild, nurse him through a septic bladder infection and massive surgery to help him become my best friend and about the happiest cat you’ve ever met that LOVES THE VET ( special treats there), car rides and going to my sons school to see the kids;)

  • Joanne Osuna - April 21, 2015

    I adopted a manx syndrome kitty from the shelter I volunteer for. I found a site online where I could have washable diapers made, specifically from her measurements. Once I got them and saw how they were made I made many myself. They worked perfectly, and although my heart was broken she had complications and had to be put down, the diapers were a success, and as a result she could go wherever she wanted or sleep wherever she wanted with no worries. You can also use disposable baby diapers, but it eventually becomes quite expensive. If I ever come across another kitty with manx syndrome, I would take it in a minute!

  • Wilma Mulder - April 21, 2015

    I’m fostering a 9 month old kitten with Spina Bifida (wrongfully called Manx Syndrome) for The Last Chance Cat Ranch Society in Lethbridge, Alberta. She’sliving her live in a ferret crate as she has no control of her bowels and bladder. Ideally she needs a home with easy to clean floors…

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