Convicts & Kittens

At Purrfect Pals, EVERY cat matters — not just the young and healthy. They strive to help the old, fragile, injured, newborn, stray and unwanted cats and kittens. Finding acceptable foster care for semi-feral and extremely shy cats and kittens needing socialization and human contact is an ongoing challenge for Purrfect Pals.

In the spring of 2006, that challenge was met by an unlikely group of individuals in the offenders at the Monroe Correctional Complex-Special Offender Unit (MCC-SOU). SOU is a psychiatric prison unit contained within MCC. The SOU E living unit houses 96 mentally ill offenders who enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to provide foster care for the young and/or feral kittens. Monroe Corrections Kitten Connections (MCKC) was developed as a way to provide quality kitten foster care while simultaneously motivating offenders to make positive life changes. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS INCREDIBLE PROGRAM 

Oskar & Klaus Need Your Help!

The 99Lives Cat Genome Sequencing Initiative is doing fascinating work to improve feline health care through genetic research. Oskar & Klaus are honored to join this team of brilliant minds that are working hard to determine the root causes of genetic diseases in cats. Oskar & Klaus are proud to donate $5 to 99Lives for every Oskar & Klaus book sold through the end of May! 

You can improve feline healthcare by supporting 99 Lives:

Oskar & Klaus are proud to DONATE $5 to the 99 Lives Initiative for every Oskar & Klaus book sold through the end of May! BUY A BOOK TODAY to help end genetic diseases in cats!

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