Bebe: Manx Kitty

What a PAWsome update to this story. Bebe, the special needs cat with Manx Syndrome, has found a forever home!

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  • Richard Meyer - June 12, 2015

    I have had the pleasure of raise quite a few Manx , and quite a few of the babies had this problem. many grow out of it (all of mine did) I hope the best for the little guy! they are truly a treasure to have a s friends.

  • Wilma Mulder - June 06, 2015
    Oscar & Klaus, please help me find my furrever home! I have Spina Bifida, some people call it Manx Syndrome, and have no control over my bladder & bowels. I also hop like a bunny with my hind legs as I have no cmuscle contol there either. Thanks! Prissy

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