12 Paw-some Cattoos

1. A cattoo is one way that diehard cat lovers around the world are expressing their cattitude. 

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2. Some tattoos are incredibly detailed and whimsical.

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3. Some are a bit trippy. Check out Banjocat.

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4. Sometimes a cattoo is the best way to express your inner nerd while also showing your affection for your cat. "Beam me up, kitty!"


5. Some people just want a tiny reminder of their furry friend.

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6. And others want to make a much more elaborate tribute. Ouch!

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7. Maybe you just NEVER want to forget the adorableness of your cat.

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8. Maybe you don't want anybody else to forget your nerdiness. "The force is strong with this one."


9. There are some cattoos that you may end up regretting 20 years from now.


10. And there are some cattoos that you DEFINITELY will regret A LOT 20 years from now.

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11. So, maybe it's best to keep your cattoo classy and cute.

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12. Then again... you only live once! Take the plunge!


Of course, there are other... LESS PERMANENT ways to express your cattitude!

Check out these temporary tattoos!


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  • Shelly - March 03, 2016

    Banjo Cat is hilarious! Thank you for brightening a bad day for me.

  • Pam Rohrer - March 02, 2016

    You need more temp tattoos of cats. I love the colored ones.

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