It's Take Your Cat on an Adventure Day!

Every cat is uniquely made and uniquely equipped for adventure. June 15th is National Take Your Cat on an Adventure Day! It's a great day to find some way to stimulate your cat's senses in a unique and adventurous way.

Here are a few ways that Oskar & Klaus go on adventures!

A stroll down the looooong hallway:


An outdoor adventure:


Or there's always Oskar's fly hunting adventures:


Or sometimes Oskar drags Klaus along for an occasional trip to outer space:

Image of Oskar & Klaus reading their new book. Oskar & Klaus: The Mission to Cataria.


If it's too hot to go outside, maybe some All Natural Silver Vine + Catnip can stimulate an indoor adventure for your cat! TRY IT OUT!>>



All natural Silver Vine + Catnip mix. Only $2.


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