The Oskar & Klaus Adventure Society

What is the Oskar & Klaus Adventure Society?

The Oskar & Klaus Adventure Society (O.K.A.S.) is simply an INCLUSIVE club for ANYONE who seeks to make EACH DAY an ADVENTURE! 

How do I become a member?

If you find yourself inspired by the spirit of adventure that Oskar & Klaus display each day, then YOU'RE ALREADY A MEMBER! There are no requirements and no fees — just be your unique, awesome self and find ways to explore your capabilities in this exciting world of ours.

What else can I do to participate in the O.K.A.S.?

There are many ways to makes EACH DAY an ADVENTURE! Here are a few examples:

  • Go outside and explore the public spaces in your neighborhood.
  • Create something! (ie. Music, Art, Poetry)
  • Find ways to include those with special needs into a fun outdoor activity.
  • Welcome a special needs pet or any shelter animal in need into your home!
  • Promote special needs pet adoption!
  • Proudly display the O.K.A.S. badge with one of our many Oskar & Klaus Adventure Society products. A portion of each sale goes toward animal welfare charities.
  • Choose healthy foods that promote a healthy, adventurous body and mind!
  • FEED YOUR CURIOSITY! Discover something cool about plants and animals that are native to your area. Then, share what you've learned with friends.
  • Read about an Oskar & Klaus adventure in their latest book!

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