Oskar & Klaus and the National Federation of the Blind

Welcome, NFB friends!

We're thrilled to be partnering with the National Federation of the Blind to share Oskar's story with the world.

Since 2011, the real-life Oskar has shown millions of fans online that a blind cat can have a tremendous capacity for well-being, and a high quality of life. He has done this by sharing daily photos, videos and stories about his life with fans in every corner of the world. And now, he leads his best pal Klaus on daring adventures in the critically acclaimed, Oskar & Klaus book series! Thanks to a generous grant from the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults, the Oskar & Klaus books are now available in Print-Braille format! CHECK THEM OUT>>

Image of real Oskar & Klaus sitting on a table with both of their book titles. Reads "Go on an adventure with Oskar & Klaus Today! Books and Audiobooks Available at www.OSKARandKLAUS.com. Click to browse titles and formats.


OSKAR was born on May 5th, 2011, and was adopted by Mick & Bethany Szydlowski on July 11th of that year. He was an outdoor cat living on a small farm in the Loess Hills of western Iowa. Oskar's condition is a severe form of micropthalmia, which simply means that his eyes never fully developed due to certain genetic factors. Despite missing his sense of sight, Oskar is a very healthy and very happy cat. He functions perfectly well in his home using his other senses, and many visitors don't even realize that he's fully blind!

Oskar's sidekick and best friend is KLAUS. He is a very sweet former stray, and was adopted as an adult in December of 2006 from The Cat House in Lincoln, Nebraska. We suspect that he was four or five years old at the time of his adoption. His right ear lays flat due to possible damage from excessive scratching caused by ear mites, or perhaps a nasty fight. Klaus also has other scars on his body, including a massive one on his back, as well as a few missing teeth. Life on the street is tough on a kitty, but he's spoiled rotten now!

Oskar Adventure Plush - Coming Soon!

In partnership with the National Federation of the Blind, we have been developing a cute and cuddly Oskar plush doll. Our hope is that the Oskar Adventure Plush will bring attention to the awesome ways that the National Federation of the Blind is impacting lives while serving as a powerful tool to engage blind children and educate sighted children.

The plush stands about 12 inches tall. Oskar stands upright on two feet (similar to Garfield) with his white cane in his right hand (or paw). The cane has a black handle and has a red band toward the bottom with a black ball on the end. The cane is tethered to his right paw through a small loop of fabric that is permanently stitched to his right paw. Representations of Oskar's distinctive markings and characteristics are there. Most of the fur is brown with a few black stripes on the sides of his body and limbs. These stripes can be easily felt as the black markings are depressed into the fur. He has Oskar's trademark large paws and large ears. Also, like the real Oskar, there are black stripes that make a shape like a letter M above his eyes and black lines that extend for a few inches from the corner of his eyes. The area around his mouth is white with a nice big smile and four long whiskers. 
IMAGE shows the full body of the prototype standing upright and facing forward. Behind the plush is a background of a blue sky, green field and a trail that the plush appears to be walking along. The text "Oskar Adventure Plush - Coming Soon!" is in the upper left corner.
Now, things get even more fun. We have included a red backpack that Oskar can wear. An intrepid explorer such as Oskar needs the right gear for any adventure! The backpack is large enough to house an optional digital audio player (details coming soon) with built in speaker that can contain the Oskar & Klaus Audiobooks. A velcro flap can seal the contents of the backpack. The back of the backpack also bears embroidery with the National Federation of the Blind slogan, "Live the life you want!" as well as the "National Federation of the Blind" name and logo with a figure holding a cane.
IMAGE is a close up of the backpack inside of a circle. The NFB logo with a figure holding a cane is in yellow to the top left. Large text reads "Live the life you want!" in white to the top right. Underneath all of that, white text reads "National Federation of the Blind". Below that, the Oskar & Klaus logo appears in yellow. The Oskar & Klaus logo has a paw shape for the letter "O" in Oskar and the final letter "S" curves into a cat tail shape.

Questions? Email us at book@oskarandklaus.com.


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