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Blind Internet Cat Wins National Federation of the Blind’s Prestigious Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award

SEATTLE, WA—The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) announces Oskar & Klaus Publishing, an independent publisher based in Seattle, WA and Lincoln, NE, as the winner of the 2016 Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award. These awards recognize individuals and organizations working in the field of blindness that have demonstrated exemplary leadership and extraordinary accomplishments toward achieving the full integration of the blind into society on a basis of equality. Oskar & Klaus Publishing has published two books based on the fantastic adventures of Oskar, a blind cat, and his sighted cat pal Klaus. The book series demonstrate a spirit of tenacity and exploration that the authors hope to cultivate in both blind and sighted readers alike. Accepting the award, Mick Szydlowski stated, “The Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award only strengthened our commitment to creating a book series that aligns with the goals of the federation by challenging readers to live lives full of limitless adventure, free from the burdens of society's prejudices, misunderstandings, and low expectations.”

Oskar the Blind Cat burst onto the scene in 2011 as an overnight YouTube sensation. Soon, Oskar’s videos garnered over 15 million views while the thrill-seeking blind kitten amassed hundreds of thousands of social media followers. Interest in Oskar’s story led to media appearances, including Time Magazine, Fox & Friends, The Ellen Degeneres Show and many, many more. Most importantly, millions of people around the world have learned that blindness  does not prevent someone from living a happy, fulfilling and exciting life. Today, the book series is available in both print and print/braille formats at

Oskar & Klaus Publishing founders, Mick Szydlowski and Travis Bossard, accepted the Dr. Jacob Bolotin award in the amount of $10,000 at the NFB National Convention in Orlando Florida on July 5th, 2016. Past winners include Apple Inc. and inventor Ray Kurzweil.

For more information about the Dr. Jacob Bolotin Awards Program, visit:

About the Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award Program

Named for a pioneering blind physician who practiced in the early twentieth century, the Dr. Jacob Bolotin awards are made possible through the generosity of his late nephew and niece. Their bequest, the Alfred and Rosalind Perlman Trust, allows the National Federation of the Blind to provide direct financial support to people and organizations that are improving the lives of the blind throughout the United States.

IMAGES OF AUTHORS, Travis Bossard (left) and Mick Szydlowski (right):

Authors Travis Bossard & Mick Szydlowski in front of the strategic air command and aerospace museum.

Authors Travis Bossard and Mick Szydlowski wearing adventure gear in a wooded area in the pacific northwest.

Self-Published Authors Find Worldwide Success with Blind Cat Tale

Oskar & Klaus Present: The Search for Bigfoot has been a huge hit with fans from around the globe. The book was independently produced with the support of a crowd-funding campaign that ranks in Kickstarter's all-time Top 20 list among thousands of Children's Publishing projects. Supporters from over 30 countries around the world have now received the book and are applauding its powerful message, stunning illustrations and captivating story. Since the book's official release in November of 2014, thousands of new fans continue to discover the tales of a pair of feline pals who illustrate that blindness is no barrier to a life of adventure.

Both Oskar & Klaus on a table with two books propped to show the covers.

Now, Oskar & Klaus have returned with a new astrocat adventure!

Oskar & Klaus are back with a new adventure—and this time they are traveling 150,000 miles away from home! After hearing that a mysterious asteroid will be passing near Earth, the daring Oskar coaxes his reluctant buddy, Klaus, to volunteer for the misson. After training to become official ASTROCATS, the duo—along with their new robot companion—blasts off to explore the alien world. Thrilling action fills every page as Oskar once again shows the universe that, although blind, he has the right stuff! 


Oskar & Klaus floating weightless in space while wearing white space suits. The Cataria book is between them. Klaus is upside down.

Promotional image of Cataria book.

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About Oskar & Klaus

Oskar & Klaus are the feline adventure duo that share their real life adventures every day with friends all over the world! Oskar was born completely blind and Klaus was rescued from the rough life of a stray. Together they’ve shown the world that there’s no limit to the thrill and wonder of life: All you need is the power of friendship and your imagination! Since bursting onto the internet cat scene in 2011, Oskar & Klaus have amassed a huge following of fans who not only love cats but are passionate advocates for animal welfare - especially special needs pet adoption cases like Oskar’s! Over 200,000 Facebook followers and 300,000 Instagram fans receive daily updates on the extraordinarily ordinary life of a blind cat and his pal. Oskar’s videos have been seen on his YouTube channel by over 15 million viewers! Plus, Oskar has made appearances on national television programs such as Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, Ellen, The Daily Show and many more. 

Oskar's Life Highlights from Travis Bossard on Vimeo.

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About the Authors

Mick Szydlowski lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife, Bethany, and their two cats, Oskar & Klaus. Mick has a passion for photography, music, outdoor exploration, and wildlife conservation. He and Bethany strongly advocate special needs pet adoption and are always thrilled to hear from people who were encouraged to adopt a special needs pet as a result of learning Oskar’s story.

Travis Bossard was born and raised in Nebraska but has enjoyed living abroad in places such as Venezuela and Chile. When he isn’t hard at work developing fun new projects with everybody’s favorite feline adventure duo, Oskar & Klaus, Travis likes to serenade his lovely wife, Annie, and their trusty rescue dog, Ñoquis, on his accordion.

The following video are available for IMMEDIATE RELEASE for use in media.

VIDEO of Oskar "Helping" with the Christmas Tree - Download Here on Vimeo

VIDEO of Highlights from Oskar's Life - Download Here on Vimeo

Oskar's First Toys on YouTube - 7 Million+ views

Oskar Versus Hair Dryer - 3 Million+ views

Oskar & Grumpy Cat Appear on Fox & Friends in July 2014

Some of Oskar & Klaus' Accomplishments:

Oskar Wins the $15,000 Grand Prize at the First "Friskies Awards" - Nov. 2012

Oskar & Klaus Join Forces for Epic Famous Cat Selfie - Clickhole (The Onion) - Oct. 2014

Oskar & Klaus Make Cat Fancy's Top Cats of 2014 - Dec. 2014

Oskar & Klaus: The Search for Bigfoot Book Featured in Lincoln Journal Star - Dec. 2014

Oskar & Klaus Team Up with Grumpy, Nala and Waffles at SXSW - March 2015

Oskar WINS March Meowdness Cats of Instagram Tournament! - April 2015

Oskar as a kitten playing with small green ball with bell inside. This is a freeze frame from Oskar's most successful, award-winning video.

Oskar playing one of his favorite game. He's standing on his hind legs and swatting at the air from a blow dryer like a boxer. This video has been seen by millions.

Oskar & Klaus pose on a stool. Oskar is affectionately licking Klaus' face.

Oskar and Klaus are sitting in a red wagon. Klaus is affectionately licking Oskar's face.

Oskar is riding a skateboard!

Oskar is perched on the "Kitty Cot" by the huge window in his Seattle home. The city skyline can be seen in the distance in the background.