Oskar & Klaus: The Search for Bigfoot AUDIOBOOK

Oskar & Klaus

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Since its release in November 2014, Oskar & Klaus: The Search for Bigfoot has become an instant classic to thousands of readers around the world. Now you can experience all of the sounds from the adventure with the first ever Oskar & Klaus audiobook. The audiobook edition of the story features narration, dazzling sound effects and even original music all performed by the authors, Mick Szydlowski and Travis Bossard. There may even be a "meow" or two from the internet's favorite feline adventure duo. 

  • Narration by authors Mick Szydlowski and Travis Bossard
  • Original Music
  • Dazzling sound effects
  • Track 1: Features over 15 minutes of wall to wall Oskar & Klaus adventure! (15:25)
  • Track 2: Read-along with page-turn signal chimes! (15:25)
  • And an enthusiastic PAW of approval from Oskar & Klaus!


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